What is the Cleansed?

The Cleansed Apocalyptic Audio DramaThe Cleansed is a post-apocalyptic audio drama podcast of our times. 15 years have passed since a traumatic undoing of society called “The Breaking.” We follow two interlocking stories – one, of THE REFUGE, where Maria and Luke, sister and adopted brother, grow up in a hardscrabble life of subsistence farming and homemade solar and wind powered tools. Their life is interrupted when John Prophet, a ghost from their parents’ past, comes riding in one fine afternoon.

Prophet comes because far away, in THE REPUBLIC, a new force is rising – a force from across the ocean bearing military might and an iron fist. This new regime promises to subjugate what scraps of freedom are left in this fallen land. And in their wake, a more ominous shadow grows…


Season 1 is complete! Check out our podcast feed for the entire 4-hour saga or purchase episodes.

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The Cleansed is available in both premium paid editions and free podcasts. You have choices:

  • Buy Episodes – Pristine quality audio, full 30 minute shows and no ads. We have a limited edition CD-boxed set and digital boxed sets. Buy the premium listening experience.
  • Free Episodes – Free weekly podcast put up on Fridays, same story and top notch audio, but you only get 5-7 minutes at a time, are always behind what paid listeners get and have to suffer through ads.

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The Cleansed is produced by FinalRune Productions. More on The Cleansed: